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Why choose us?

When there are so many dog walking and pet sitting services out there to pick from- you should expect the best from your chosen carer. So why For Paws? Please check out our special little touches to make the most of your dog's walk.

Edinburgh Dog walker.jpg

Environmentally conscious!

We use only biodegradable poop-bags and always collect all our dogs' mess... including any that we find discarded by other walkers. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we also encourage local customers with big discounts when dogs are close enough to pick up on foot!

Check our map to see our local area.

We are always learning! 

For Paws' founder Becky is really into her reading and likes to share her studies of dog and animal behaviour, training tips, dog health and fun facts on the 

Blog! Please check it out!

Home made treats! 

We bake turkey, chicken and liver treats in rapeseed oil which has a very high flash point making it a healthy option. This way we are confident our treats are safe for dogs allergies.

We are WILD!

Much as dogs are a domestic species- they still get a special buzz from being in wild spaces with all the smells, varied terrain and features to play around. We ensure our walks are on the wild side and never near roads or on streets.

Some of our favourite spots for a wander are Holyrood Park, Roslin Glen and Portobello beach... to name but a few.

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