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Group walks      £12 / 1 hour    £8 for extra dog


Maximum group sizes of 6 dogs per staff member. Dogs are collected in an air-conditioned van (or on foot if within 100m of trails). Their walk begins once in green space and involves games & off-lead free roaming (unless specified on-lead only). Dogs are returned after their hour's play, clean as possible, dry and settled to room or crate. You can book online!

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Solo walks      £15 / 1 hour     £8 / 30 mins


For dogs that prefer to be walked one-to-one we offer solo walks. These are by request and must be booked by email or phone, not online booking form as availability is varied. The same quality walk through natural spaces, games and off lead if allowed to be. Spoilt with all our attention! 

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Weekend walks    £15 / 1 hour     £25 / half day


Maximum group sizes of 6 dogs per staff member. 1 hour slots require booking through email or phone. The half day adventures are slots offered on our calendar at the start of each month so you can plan. They are a special occasion; a true adventure further afield lasting 3 hours and always in natural settings! If you require such a walk and it is not on our pre-planned list, do get in touch and we will always try to accommodate your needs!

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Pet sitting   £8 / 30 mins     £15 two 30 min sets


Certain pets such as cats and small animals can find boarding at external facilities very stressful and the prices of 24 hour boarding very expensive. Pet sitting through drop in times for socialisation, feeding, watering, medications, cleaning of litter trays or cages covers your pet and your home whilst you are away. We can do small things to maintain the home whilst you are away. You receive photo/video/text updates whilst away to feel assured that your pet is happy and safe. This is a specialist service that can be booked by email or phone.

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Puppy playtime      £8 / 30 mins


Puppies need something special and that fits their energy, learning stage and socialisation focus. When puppies are not yet ready for running with the pack or haven't yet completed their vaccinations to keep them safe outside we offer Puppy Playtime sessions. Indoor or out in a garden/local area; puppies can burn of all that energy, get some social time, toileting and continued training. Extra meals can be given whilst visiting. Booking by email or phone.

Check our locals discount map!

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Pet taxi      Prices based on mileage


In a city few people require a car most of the time. If you need assistance taking your animal to the vet or groomers, moving house etc. then our pet taxi service is ideal. You’re more than welcome to come along at no extra cost or you can leave your pet in our capable hands. Our vehicle is fully air conditioned, crates if required or a luxurious rest pad if anxious about being enclosed. A view out our window often helps dogs. Drop-offs, collection or both can be arranged. This custom service is based on mileage so best to call or email to book this.

If there is a service that you require that isn't listed- please get in touch!

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