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For Paws Edinburgh provides a dedicated, patient and engaging dog walking and pet sitting service in the heart of Edinburgh. Our walks are never on streets or near roads- green spaces and exciting varied landscapes are where we roam! We are here to help balance the many demands in life that sometimes detract from time with your four-pawed friends. Come home to a relaxedsatisfied and happy hound!

We are local to Edinburgh, Scotland.

We serve areas around:









and beyond... just ask!


Luna has been Becky's inspiration from the start of For Paws and they make a great team! Despite all her wolfy looks- Luna is an incredibly gentle soul who delights at being with other dogs; she is all about the pack!

Becky has extensive experience and understanding of animal handling and behaviour from her studies as a Zoologist and MSc. in Wildlife Biology. She has worked in various roles with a range of creatures which when combined with her love of hiking means Becky is happiest out exploring with her dog buddies. 


Becky recognises how unique each dog is and focuses on developing strong bonds and appealing to each client's specific needs. She delights in supporting ongoing training and finding new games/routes to stimulate the dogs she walks. 

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